Turn data streams into decision making

thingnario energy is a powerful tool for multi-plant energy portfolios, capable of pooling data from sensors and systems to reveal key performance indicators, pinpoint issues, dispatch human support with minimal overhead, and ultimately help improve business outcomes.

Our technology excels at continuous streams of sensor data and real-time monitoring and management. It is specifically designed for managing exponentially growing IIOT (Industrial Internet of things) data, processing these data at scale and in real time, and converting them into business insights, decisions and actions by our powerful AI engine.

Energy Industry Solutions


Multi-PLANT portfolios

Supervise at a glance global and individual performance of a large number of distributed solar PV portfolios.


Forecast Performance to optimize yield

Easily create custom analytics to identify slight, immediate or progressive, performance degradations.



Manage preventative and curative maintenance plans, react immediately in case of a performance degradation, customize operation range, maintenance contracts and plan interventions.



Aggregation for different energy producers and consumers

  • Renewables - Solar / Wind / Biomass / Hydro / Marine
  • Smart Grid - Demand Response / Aggregation
  • Storage - Batteries / Compressed Air / Thermal / Pump Hydro-Water

Machine Intelligence

We devise deep learning based computer vision algorithms in recognition, detection, mining, and forecasting over large-scale photos and videos and numerous cameras types. We reveal valuable and hidden insights from your unstructured visual data. The AI engine can be used in fog or cloud computing architecture to provide real time analytics capabilities at massive scale. The engine also can train algorithms to adopt different usage models to provide the best results for decision making.

Example of solar power generation prediction based on real-time data series.

predictive radiation camera

  • Predict radiation by sky camera images 5 / 10 / 15 minutes ahead
  • Able to process data from multiple formats
  • The results help decisions of optimizing the alternative energy production methods to implement.



Solar production forecast essentially depends on sunlight and temperature, themselves influenced by different phenomena (clouds, fog, wind, etc.).
Our solution takes into account a series of parameters, making it possible to provide the finest, most efficient and advanced solar production forecast on the market.


Systems monitoring

Our platform monitors systems to anticipate issues, provide better informed forecasts and dispatch maintenance crews. Inverter heat maps quickly show underperforming units. Drone thermal images are analyzed to pinpoint troubled areas.

Sky Camera

Sky Camera

Inverter Heat Map

Drone Thermal Photo Map 

Software Highlights

Our software is modular and will show only options that are relevant for your power plant. Click on the images below to see highlighted features.

Aggregate overview of all plants. Multiple locations, multiple plants.

Geolocation-centric data.

Look at the panel performance.

Manage events and performance. View complete layouts, detailed diagrams and remotely operate systems.

Built-in ticketing

Analyze by component or plant/

Built-in reporting.

View all video monitoring and drone images.